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Top Products + Great Warranties + Best Installers = Happy Customers

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Why Choose Us?

A Permanent Roof, Installed By PROVEN Experts, With ZERO Hassles!

Reliable Metal Roofing in Texas, Arkansas and Colorado. Click to get a free quote or call 1-877-775-2045 now!

Don’t Go It Alone.

Trying to get the proper amount for an insurance claim on your roof without professional help is like going to court without a lawyer: you can do it, but it’s almost always a bad idea. Contact us for help now.

Proven Reputation

We believe that the true test of a company is not what they say about themselves. The real  test is what their customers SAY. Homeowners love their experience with Royal 32 Construction, LLC.

Why Choose Us?

A Permanent Roof, Installed By PROVEN Experts, With ZERO Hassles? YES, That’s Exactly What We Do. The best reason to choose us is simple: we deliver the best results in Texas roof replacement.

No Sales Pressure

You should be able to get a consultation and a quote without getting hammered by a sales person. Our policy is to educate, not dictate.

Superior Roofs

Metal roofing is better than traditional asphalt roofing. Metal roofs last much longer, are more attractive, and more energy efficient.

Expert Installation

Metal roofing is not something that ordinary roofers know how to install. It takes specialized knowledge, and our crews have the training.

Easy Financing

There‘s no need to stress about financing. We make it easy to apply for a payment plan. Let’s get something to fit your budget.

We’d be honored to talk to you about your project and give you a free quote. Contact us now!

We Deliver Quality

Our metal roofs are the last roof you’ll ever pay to replace. The outstanding warranty is in writing and is your assurance that you are getting a roof that lasts a lifetime. (And unlike asphalt roof warranties, our metal roofing warranty is not pro-rated).

Roof Quality

Rock-solid results are the most important thing, but with us it’s not the only thing. We also deliver a superior overall experience for homeowners in Texas, Arkansas and Colorado.

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